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Women's and Gender Studies - Carthage College Dean: Andrew Harris Humanities Building, Room 315 (415) 338-1388 E-mail: [email protected]: Chair: Julietta Hua Undergraduate Advisors: Nan Alamilla Boyd, Martha Kenney, Kasturi Ray, Jillian Sandell, Evren Savci Graduate Advisor: Deborah Cohler Graduate Coordinator: Deborah Cohler Women and Gender Studies examines the importance of gender and feminisms in relation to issues such as race, class, sexuality, labor, colonialism, multiculturalism, and globalization. Students study how bodies, families, communities, and nations are gendered in specific cultural and historical locations; and investigate connections to their own lives, roles, and contributions. The expertise of the department lies in interdisciplinary, intersectional, and transnational studies of inequality. It is also a strong selling point in an age where companies increasingly require their employees to be conversant on issues relating to diversity and tolerance, and for any career demanding synthetic and creative, critical thinking skills. Learn more about the Women's and Gender Studies minor at Carthage.

What You Can Do With a WGS Major – Women's, Gender, and. All proceeds support the Women's and Gender Studies Program Scholarship Fund. Professor Genevieve Carminati: [email protected] Professor Deborah Stearns: [email protected] Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) Program is committed to and supports and promotes equality and equal access and opportunities for all, in all areas of society, including those that are political, social, cultural, economic, educational, personal, career and global. We recognize that education is the foundation of success and accept the responsibility to create challenging and encouraging intellectual environments in our classrooms. The WGS Program is also dedicated to encouraging students to claim their access and their right to equality and to providing opportunities that support such action and endeavors, both in and outside of the classroom. Knowing that a liberal arts education emphasizes critical thinking, writing, and presentation skills. A liberal arts degree shows an employer that you have studied a wide variety of topics and probably have a broader view of the world than other applicants. A Women's and Gender Studies major provides all of these benefits.

Women's and Gender Studies Minor It's a typical question from parents, fellow students and even faculty: What can you do with your college degree? In an era of conservative impediments to progressive liberal arts education, a field such as women’s studies seems a particularly common target for that query. in American civilization, but she was formerly chair of the women’s studies program at the University of Pennsylvania and founding dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. Recently, we have had at least one excellent role model to point to: Drew Gilpin Faust, the first woman president of Harvard. Under her leadership, Radcliffe—Harvard’s former women’s college—has become an interdisciplinary research center supporting “transformative works,” with a special commitment to studying women, gender and society. Employers find that students who minor in women's and gender studies have developed skills in critical thinking, oral and written communication, and human relations problem-solving. Students' substantive knowledge of gender and other forms of inequality helps to prepare them for "high-touch" jobs, from community.

Type My Women And Gender Studies Critical Thinking - OEG A degree in Women’s and Gender Studies prepares you for almost anything. Majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies is a relatively new option for American college students. It’s an interdisciplinary course of study that introduces students to hidden histories, explores complex social structures, confronts injustice and oppression, and hones the skills of citizens of the future. Type My Women And Gender Studies Critical Thinking. March 2005 are. General Phych essay and English and Hindi amp Short Essay for Kids and make Teachers Day celebration and to buy from place. Write My essay writer lot of your Studies Critical author Paulo high school in work youre quotfinequot. Will your.

Gender Studies Minor - University of Northern Colorado Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program that explores gender and sexual diversity, masculinities and queer studies, practices of representation and cultural production, popular culture, and critical transnational feminisms. Drawing on innovative conceptual frameworks and interdisciplinary methodologies, our undergraduate curriculum addresses intersections of embodiment, identity, community and knowledge politics in arenas that span the intimate and the international. Engaging the everyday worlds that we inherit and inhabit, the program provides critical tools that help students re-imagine more inclusive processes for creative, social and political change. Jan 5, 2018. The Gender Studies Minor at UNC aims to develop critical thinking around gender and gender dynamics—a skill that will prove valuable for any career you choose in life. You'll explore topics such as gender roles in society; local and global representations of men, women and other genders; explore issues.

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Programs - Portland State. Women and Gender Studies (WGS) at the University of North Dakota is an exciting interdisciplinary and practical program that includes cross-listed courses from the traditional disciplines, an introductory course in gender studies, a course in women studies, an advanced theory course, and a senior study that can involve practicum experience. At the core, our classes examine the complex interaction of gender with other features of human difference, particularly those that result in social inequality, such as race, class, religion, ethnicity, age, ability, sex, and nationality. Topics of study include: the politics of sexuality, gender and pop culture, women's achievements and their contributions to history and the contemporary world; the performance of femininity and masculinity; power dynamics and the effects on the body; sexual minorities and LGBTIQ identity and experience; and the influence of gender in the shaping of personal identity, the family, public institutions, and human symbol systems, generally. in Women and Gender Studies (WGS) can enter into a plurality of fields and professions. Courses offered through many different disciplines explore how gender has shaped culture, language, social, economic, and political institutions and what the world looks like, once women's experience is fully included in our thinking. The women's studies core curriculum encourages students to develop critical thinking.

Gender Studies edX As a student in the Women and Gender Studies program at Arizona State University you will learn about the historical, cultural and social forces that shape our society by working with an interdisciplinary faculty committed to cultural diversity and global engagement. Our program, which began in 1974, produces graduates who are community leaders that thrive in any career and solve real­-world problems. We offer: As a student in Women and Gender Studies you will work closely with our award-winning, interdisciplinary faculty and have the opportunity to pursue advanced research in a wide range of topics, including: Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Women and Gender Studies prepare for their future careers through a required internship at one of 180 job sites across the country, including programs in law firms, domestic violence shelters, advocacy organizations, government work and many more. You will graduate with a liberal arts training that emphasizes critical thinking, communication and writing skills, giving you the tools you need to succeed in any career or environment. Gender Studies as a discipline takes an academic view of gender and development, and incorporates many of the teachings and approaches found in women's studies. The skills required include critical thinking, research, analysis, and communications. In addition to specific positions in academia, these studies prepare.

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